The Proposal

The daa plc (daa) is seeking permission for the permanent continuance of use of the 8,840 space long-term car park known as Holiday Blue on a site at Harristown, Silloge and Ballymun Townlands, South Parallel Road, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, and the 2,040 space long-term car park known as Express Red Zones Y and Z (hereafter referred to as Express Red) on a site at Stockhole, Cloghran, and Toberbunny Townlands, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin (10,880 spaces in total), and all associated existing infrastructure, including access from the R108 and R132 respectively, drainage, ancillary structures including lighting, bus shelters, boundary fencing, and landscaping as shown below.

Proposed Development Sites

The proposed development should be considered in the context of the following key parameters:

  • Dublin Airport is a vital element of national infrastructure, a pivotal contributor to international connectivity and a key facilitator of economic development. There has been seven consecutive years of growth in passenger numbers which reached 29.6million at the end of 2017.
  • Notwithstanding the Airport's success in maintaining strong public transport modal share of 34.1% (bus-based transport), in the context of such strong passenger growth, it is incumbent on the Airport to facilitate access by multiple means of transport, including by private vehicle. Given the national catchment of the Airport, passengers require access by private transport particularly during the ‘first wave’ of passengers (4am-6am), and from locations where public transport is unavailable. This will continue to be the case even with the planned delivery of Metro Link, improvements in bus services and ongoing sustainable transport initiatives incorporated into the Airport’s Mobility Management Update (MMU).
  • The policy and economic context has changed since the last planning application for each car park, and which now supports the continued use of these car parks on an ongoing basis. Therefore permanent permission is now being sought. Since the adoption of the Fingal Development Plan (2017-2023) (hereafter referred to as the Fingal Development Plan), both car parks are now zoned GE ‘General Employment’ (Holiday Blue was previously zoned WD (‘To provide for distribution, warehousing, storage and logistics facilities which require good access to a major network within a good quality environment’)) and, most importantly, are both designated with specific local objective, CP ‘Car Park’. Fingal County Council has advised that there is no planning policy impediment to a grant of permission for Holiday Blue and Express Red car parks on a permanent basis. Both car parks are at capacity, which is all the more pronounced against the backdrop of very strong passenger growth experienced at Dublin Airport.
  • This application is the latest in a long line of planning applications for both car parks spanning almost 20 years. To have them the subject of a rolling temporary permission, as has been the case to date, is not considered to be sustainable, and it does not safeguard a critical component of the Airport’s surface access infrastructure.
  • Both car parks represent a significant portion of the 26,800 space long-term car parking requirement for the Airport determined by the Terminal 2 permission (F06A/1248/PL06F.220670). This requirement remains appropriate to serve the Airport having regard to current mode share results and strong passenger growth, as will be demonstrated within the traffic and transportation assessment (Chapter 9) of this EIAR.
  • Fingal County Council are now in full support of continued use at both car parks and have issued correspondence to this effect. A copy of this correspondence is presented in Appendix B.
  • No physical works are proposed as part of this application.

The Seventh Schedule of the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act, 2006, which amends the Planning and Development Act, 2000 identifies development comprising or for the purposes of an airport (with not less than 2 million instances of passenger use per annum) or any runway, taxiway, pier, car park, terminal or other facility or installation related to it (whether as regards passenger traffic or cargo traffic) as being an Infrastructural Development for the purposes of the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act, 2006 i.e. Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID).

Dublin Airport had 29.6million passengers at the end of 2017 and permitted capacity for 32 million passengers per annum (mppa). It therefore constitutes an airport with not less than 2 million instances of passenger use per annum. The continuance of use of existing airport car parking with a total of 10,880 parking spaces at the Holiday Blue and Express Red car parks, falls within the Seventh Schedule as it is development for the purposes of, and related to, an airport within the meaning of Section 37 (A)(2) of the 2006 Act.